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The Multi-Hazards Podcast

all about protecting communities . . . 

Sep 1, 2020

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the way we do things. There is no longer a "normal", just a "new abnormal". What happens with COVID-19 when wildfires, floods, heat waves or other events occur? We call this a "multi-hazard scenario." To face off against this, the Future Cell team has come up with a framework to assist Emergency Management in planning for multi-hazard events in a COVID-19 environment. Check out: COVID-19 & Multi-Hazards in a Future Cell Framework: Conversation with the Future Cell Team (Multi-Hazards Podcast S02 E16). On Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.  Check out the Study Guide, click on the top left "PDF":

Purple Compass

As the Founder and Chief Strategist in Foresight & Design for Purple Compass, Donna Dupont brings skills and insights developed over 20 years working with leaders in emergency management, government public policy, strategic planning and program design. Purple Compass helps organizations navigate today’s complexity and uncertainty, anticipate future changes, and create innovative solutions. A unique B2B company, with a niche focus on strategic foresight and design services for disaster risk management and sustainability. Our approach to strategic planning is holistic, inclusive and collaborative, and combines traditional methods with foresight and design methodologies. Purple Compass also hosts the Emergency Management Futures Lab, a lab designed to support anticipatory and adaptive leadership capabilities for resilience. 

The Foresight Studio

The Foresight Studio is a boutique strategic foresight and experience futures advisory group engaged in tip-of-the-spear futures thinking, motivated to observe and understand the dynamics of change, and navigate the challenges it presents in a methodical, honest and artful manner.

Co-founded by Richard Thomas and Sady Ducros, the duo has been working together as lifelong collaborators for the past 15 years. Having first met as industrial design students at OCAD University, the pair went on to work at the Universities first research think tank, The Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity under the guidance of their mentor and founder Alexander Manu, where they explored the future of IOT through the lens of Strategic Foresight. The pair have been working together ever since.