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The Multi-Hazards Podcast

all about protecting communities . . . 

May 23, 2020

Dr. Gio Roberti

Today we interview Dr. Gio Roberti, a geohazard geologist in Vancouver, BC, Canada. His research has focused on the effects of climate change on volcanic slope stability. He has led multiple international projects between Canada, Peru, France, and Italy. The results of his research have been published in scientific journals, presented at major geological conferences and reach the broader public through various media reports. Dr. Gio Roberti is now leading Minerva Intelligence's Natural hazard section, working on merging human knowledge with machine intelligence to enhance natural disaster management with Cognitive AI.

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Dr. Gio Roberti's Bio

Dr. Gio Roberti is Section Head, Natural Hazards at Minerva Intelligence in Vancouver, BC, Canada. At Simon Fraser University website, where he did his PhD, in the Centre for Natural Hazards Research section, he has specialised in Quaternary geology and Landslide modelling. He is currently working in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to the automated identification and risk assessment of geohazards such as landslides. Dr. Roberti has also studied the effects of climate change on the stability of glaciated volcanoes. His main test site was the Mt Meager volcano, near Squamish and Whistler, just north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. During the summer of 2010, snow and ice melt caused the collapse of Mt. Meager's south flank generating the largest historical landslide in Canada. Using remote, field and numerical techniques Dr. Roberti did in-depth study of such landslides and glacial activity, as well as their influence on the deeper volcanic system.