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The Multi-Hazards Podcast

all about protecting communities . . . 

Oct 10, 2020

What if too many people hesitate to take the COVID-19 vaccine(s) when ready? Besides masks and social distancing, stopping this coronavirus pandemic will also involve vaccines. And this means we all need to be willing participants in vaccine rollouts. Listen to this timely, exciting episode: "Vaccine Hesitancy in a Global Pandemic: Conversation with Dr Jennifer Reich" (Multi-Hazards Podcast S03 E03). Check out the Study Guide, click on the top left "PDF":

Dr. Jennifer Reich Bio

Dr. Reich is a Professor of Sociology and Director of the University Honors and Leadership Program at the University of Colorado - Denver. She is author of two award-winning books, Fixing Families: Parents, Power, and the Child Welfare System and Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines, and is co-editor of the book, Reproduction and Society. Her work has been featured in media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, and Newsweek, and on the Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World. She teaches classes on healthcare, family, and reproductive politics. (Source: