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The Multi-Hazards Podcast

all about protecting communities . . . 

Feb 4, 2021

Marcelo Gleiser Personal Website Photo

How can humans think of the world? Where is our future? What are the roles of science and religion? How can we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic? Climate change? A transition from fossil fuels to less polluting energy?

Find out here on this exciting episode with prolific science communicator Dr. Marcelo Gleiser, theoretical physicist at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA!

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You'll learn:
[02:30] - Marcelo tells us how he, his family & college are doing during the pandemic these days.
[05:10] - We discuss Marcelo's YouTube channel and writings in English and Portuguese.
[07:30] - Vin mentions his former religiosity and how refreshing it is to reconnect with nature and science.
[09:00] - Marcelo brings up spirituality that can emerge from both religions and science. We talk about how we relate to nature with respect rather than domination.
[15:10] - Marcelo shares What's the "island of knowledge"?.
[17:10] - Marcelo explains the Theory of Everything and how he began dismissing it.
[21:50] - Both discuss the notion of "having dominion over nature" and how destructive this has been.
[25:30] - Marcelo shows how we are part of the natural world and are actually stardust too!
[28:15] - Marcelo shares his insights into the COVID-19 pandemic, initially from March 2020 and with his current updates.
[31:50] - Marcelo explains how tribalism is bad for our survival, both in the pandemic and with climate change.
[34:00] - Marcelo discusses how the United States can become a leader in climate change again.
[35:30] - Marcelo and Vin discuss "extractivism" and why it's a problem.
[38:20] - Marcelo shares his optimism that the pandemic won't bankrupt us and we will be able to recover.
[40:20] - Marcelo explains his opinions about prayer and action.