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The Multi-Hazards Podcast

all about protecting communities . . . 

Jun 25, 2020

To adapt to climate change, communities need to take the necessary steps to improve their energy sources and infrastructure. Eddie Oldfield, a specialist in both clean energy and climate change adaptation, discusses his work in Atlantic Canada. Tune in to learn more of the important progress that Canadians are making in preparing for, responding to and recovering from extreme weather events and other impacts of climate change.

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Eddie Oldfield's Bio

Eddie Oldfield is Senior Lead, Projects & Advisory Services, at QUEST Canada, a national non-government organisation that works to accelerate the adoption of efficient and integrated community-scale energy systems in Canada by informing, inspiring, and connecting decision-makers. So, back to Eddie Oldfield. Since 1998, he has coordinated initiatives focused on local sustainability, GHG emissions reduction, clean energy and efficiency, transportation/fleets, climate adaptation and resilience planning. Eddie works to advance more resilient, Smart Energy Communities, and is Senior Lead, Projects and Advisory Services, QUEST. In this role, he helps deliver regional and national projects and supports Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Partners for Climate Protection members in Atlantic Canada.

Eddie also co-chairs the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)’s Energy and Utilities working group and is a Charter member of the OGC Health and Smart Cities working groups. He has led development of innovative web-based map services & distributed spatial data infrastructure, to support decision making including for climate-health and a cross-border pandemic exercise in 2007. In the past, he worked as Director of the NB Climate Change Hub, was a board member of the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network, and participated in the Resilient Communities Working Group of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. Eddie holds a BA (2008), with Interdisciplinary Honours (Sociology, Political Science, Environment, Science & Technology) from St. Thomas University, and owns and operates Spatial Quest based in Fredericton NB. Received Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for efforts to help municipalities address climate change.