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The Multi-Hazards Podcast

all about protecting communities . . . 

Jun 9, 2021

Who is fighting for indigenous rights, especially for climate change adaptation, at the United Nations? Among the many articulate and courageous indigenous rights advocates is Ghazali Ohorella. His aim is to inspire and empower 476 million indigenous people worldwide. And with the runaway climate crisis often treated lightly by the rest of the world, indigenous people are in place to take a leading role in this existential challenge of the 21st century.

Join this exciting episode and learn the power and wisdom of indigenous people the world over!

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Ghazali Ohorella Bio:

Ghazali Ohorella is indigenous from Maluku in the Pacific. He's always travelling to United Nations meetings to advocate for the rights of Indigenous Peoples. He has many years' experience in the indigenous rights, diplomacy & advocacy scene. Ghazali's passion and goal is to inspire and empower Indigenous Peoples so that they can do what inspires them. Ghazali calls himself an idealist. In addition, he describes himself as an anteambulo. This is a term from old Rome, which meant someone who "goes in front of" or “clears the path,” proceeding in front of their patron anywhere they traveled in Rome, making way, communicating messages, and generally making their lives easier. Ghazali is often described by friends as a “machine” working to open up spaces and to provide tools for Indigenous Peoples. In doing so he has worked with many indigenous movements, organisations, governments, NGOs and State representatives around the world. Ghazali is the host of the Gomaluku Podcast in which he documents his process and talks with Indigenous Peoples’ representatives on a wide range of topics including their thoughts, failures, the lessons they’ve learned, the hard, their aha moments, and the sacrifices they made to claim their rights.

Ghazali Ohorella's podcast: