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The Multi-Hazards Podcast

all about protecting communities . . . 

Jul 5, 2021

Emergency management (EM) is changing. Organisations like the Black Emergency Managers Association International (BEMA International) are bringing in a rich diversity and expertise into fields that protect communities. Today we talk to CEO Charles D. Sharp about disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change adaptation (CCA), working both at the community and global levels, focusing on influencing policy, the urgency of taking action now and so many other topics. Join us for this exciting episode!

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Charles D. Sharp Bio

Charles D. Sharp is the Chairman\Chief Executive Officer of Black Emergency Managers Association International (BEMA International). This organization's goal is to promote African Descent homeland security and emergency management professionals within the U.S., Caribbean, Middle East, and Africa. Comprised of members within each of the critical infrastructure sectors: healthcare, Fire\EMS, energy, transportation, water & food security, education, federal, state, county, regional governments, and ‘whole community’ for community engagement. BEMA International is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact, U.N. Water Mandate, Global Water Partnership, and the U.S. Water Partnership.

With a cumulative experience of over 50-years in disaster management since high school while employed at the National Science Foundation (NSF), operations, contingency, and business continuity planning, retired U.S. Air Force Emergency Manager with over 24 years of service as a planner, logistician, exercise design & developer, trainer and serving as an Emergency Manager Inspector General Air Force Air Combat Command for base level ‘all-hazards’ emergency management of National Guard, and Active Duty units. This cumulative experience and the changing environment in emergency management, and with the growing impacts of climate change has led to additional personal and professional growth as a Cornell University Climate Fellow, and 2021-2023 tenure as the Deputy Chair Global Health Security Agenda Consortium to meet the needs of communities globally.

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